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            Contact Us

            Name: John Wu
            Mobile: +86-18071861537
            E-mail: sales@hsjrsteel.com
            Skype: john.wu1605
            MSN: john.wu1605@hotmail.com
            MSN: john.wu1605@hotmail.com Skype: john.wu1605 sales@hsjrsteel.com

            About Us

                  JIRUI INDUSTRY was founded in 1996,since that, we have remained as a family company. XF Tool Steel is a manufacturing company on researching,producing and distributing tool steel and alloy steel. Our main focusing grades are H13 and D2. Not only we can make round bar and plates by either forged or rolled, but also we can make other kinds of shapes, such as ring, disk, sleeve, shaft, and etc. As one of biggest tool steel and alloy steel manufacturers in southern China, our mills are covered by more than 20000 square meter area with over 20 engineers and more than 300 skilled workers. In addition, we have several different Electronic arc furnaces, induction furnaces, ESR furnaces, forging machines, and rolling equipment. We also have mechanical equipment, including lathe, grinding machine, and milling machine. We have spectrum analyzer, ultrasonic detector, and metallographic microscope.New technology is the core motivation to our company. By several patent technologies introduced, integrated and absorbed, we are capable of producing advanced quality products but lower prices. That is why we are exporting our products into Japan, South Korea and south-east Asia countries successfully.Quality is the base of an enterprise. We pay attention to skilled workers, invest heavily in training employees, and purchased several advanced QC equipment to enhance controlling force on working process and finished product. We acquired ISO-9001 certificate already at the moment.Also, we have very good cooperation relationship with famous special steel companies in China such as Guiyang special steel, Great Wall special steel, Fushun special steel, and etc, since we established. Some of these partners are large corporations, having over 10000 employees. They can supply us first-class raw materials & semi-finished products. This makes our products quality more consistent. Now, we are expecting new customers from all over the world to develop together, and grow together!